Bus Driver

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Introduction #

Drive the bus to destinations and get paid when completed.

Salary #

  • $11.20/hour ($84 paycheck)

Locations #

  • Pacific Standard Bank, Downtown Vinewood: /postal 7090

Job Instructions #

Bus Driving #

  1. Head to Dashound Bus Depot on the map.
  2. Stand in the marker to get a bus, press E to spawn a bus.
  3. Start the bus route by typing /bus start
  4. Follow the blue route to each bus stop.
  5. When at the bus stop, press E to acknowledge you’re presence.
  6. To finish bussing, type /bus finish

Additional Keybinds #

  • This job does not have any additional keybinds.

Additional Commands #

  • /bus start Start bussing.
  • /bus finish Finish bussing

Notes #

  • Let player’s know by advertising your bus route! Pick up some extra cash on the way!

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