Car Thief Thug

Car Thief Thug is a unique mission which requires upfront payment to get a job in which you’re given a location of a vehicle to steal, taking this vehicle to the drop off point, being a smooth effective middle man.

This is an illegal activity and may alert law enforcement. Be careful!
This is a dangerous activity and may result in you being attacked, shoot at, and (player) killed. Be careful!

Requirements #

  • At least $500 clean money.
  • A weapon is recommended.
  • 1 hour server-wide cool down.

Instructions #

  1. Go to the “Car Thief Thug” on the map.
  2. Walk into the marker and press E to talk to the grand theft thug.
  3. You will be offered available requests, each different levels of difficulty:
    • Low Risk: $500 – low risk thief mission
    • Mid Risk: $1,000 – medium risk thief mission
    • High Risk: $2,000 – high risk thief mission
  4. Select the mission with the and , press ENTER to pay and accept the mission.
  5. Head to the yellow destination on your map to the vehicle.
    • NOTE: A GPS waypoint will be shown if you are in a vehicle.
  6. Get in the vehicle and leave the area, taking out any nearby enemies.
    • NOTE: Be careful! Stealing the vehicle will alert nearby NPCs who may attack you and alert law enforcement.
  7. Head to the blue destination drop off point with the vehicle.
    • NOTE: You have approximately 15 minutes to drop the vehicle off before you fail the mission, a timer is not displayed.
  8. Drop the vehicle off at the destination, an NPC will pay you based on the risk, vehicle importance and vehicle condition.
  9. The NPC will take the vehicle from you and continue it’s journey.

Notes #

Pay Table #

  • Low Risk: $1,500 – $3,000 marked bills
  • Mid Risk: $3,000 – $4,000 marked bills
  • High Risk: $5,000 – $6,000 marked bills

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