Chopping Vehicles

Chopping vehicles is an illegal activity which allows you to scrap any vehicle to receive some parts for it which you can sell at Stanley’s Car Parts.

This is an illegal activity and may alert law enforcement. Be careful!

Requirements #

  • None. Anyone can do this.

Instructions #

  1. Source a vehicle you wish to chop.
  2. Take the vehicle to the designated “Chop Shop” on the map.
  3. Drive the vehicle into the marker on the ground.
  4. Press E to Chop the vehicle.
    • Note: there is a 20% chance the police will be notified of this activity.
  5. The vehicle will take roughly 65 seconds to fully chop.
  6. Take the items you receive to “Stanley’s Car Parts” on the map.
  7. Stanley will pay you for the goods based in the pay table below.

Notes #

Locations #

  • Chop Location: /postal 9002
  • Stanley’s Car Parts (Sell Point): /postal 1022

Pay Table #

  • Battery: $50
  • Low-end Radio: $94
  • High-end Radio: $350
  • Stock Rim: $150
  • High-end Rim: $285
  • Airbag: $125

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