Farming: Weed

Farming marijuana allows you to have another active source of income without needing a job. Cannabis Leaf is processed to Marijuana and then sold at to NPCs or Smoke On The Water.

This is an illegal activity and certain actions may alert law enforcement. Be careful!

Requirements #

  • None. Anyone can do this.

Instructions #

  1. Go to the “Weed Field” marked on the map.
  2. Find a weed plant and press E to harvest the Cannabis plant.
    • You will get 1 x Cannabis Leaf for each patch.
    • You will need a minimum of 3 bags of wheat to convert to flour.
  3. Go to the “Weed Processing” marked on the map, it’s inside a garage.
  4. At the table inside of the garage, you’ll be prompted to process your weed, press E to process 3 x Cannabis Leaf to 1 x Marijuana.
  5. Sell Legally (Lower Profit, Little Risk)
    1. Take the Marijuana to “Smoke On The Water” (Vespucci Beach) on the map.
  6. Sell Illegally (Higher Profit, More Risk)
    1. Walk up to any NPC, a prompt will appear to sell drugs, press E to attempt a sale.
    2. The NPC will either purchase the drugs, be not interested or not interested and notify the police.

Notes #

Legalities #

  • You can only carry X amount of weed on you which is classified as “personal”, any more and you may be charged with manufacturing or distribution. Consult the penal code.

NPC Sale Chance #

  • Successful Sale: 10%
  • Not Interested: 70%
  • Not Interested + Reported To Police: 30%

Pay Table #

  • Marijuana (Smoke On The Water): $160
  • Marijuana (Random NPC Sale): $200 – $300

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