Garbage Collection

Introduction #

Pick up garbage bags from various locations around the city to earn some cash.

Salary / Payout #

  • $50 per stop + $10 per bag

Locations #

  • South L.S. Recycling, La Puerta: /postal 9030

Job Instructions #

You must have this job from the job centre.

Garbage Collection #

  1. Head to South L.S. Recycling on the map.
  2. Go into the office and locate the locker room
  3. Stand in the marker and ‘Clock-In’.
  4. Head outside to the vehicle garage, and spawn a garbage truck. (If multiple people, only one needs to be spawned).
  5. Follow the yellow route to each stop.
  6. When in the yellow marker, press E to begin picking up.
  7. Head to red marker which indicates the bin, press E to pick up a garbage bag.
  8. Walk to the back of the truck, walk into the green marker and press E to drop off the bag.
  9. You can head to a maximum of 10 stops or head back to the depot whenever you feel like.
  10. To finish head back to the depot, locate the locker room.
  11. Stand in the marker and ‘Clock Out’.

Additional Keybinds #

  • This job does not have any additional keybinds.

Additional Commands #

  • This job does not have any additional commands.

Notes #

  • Multiple people can work together and the payout is split amongst those who picked up a bag.
  • A maximum of 10 stops is allowed before needing to return to the depot.
  • A dumpster will hold anywhere from 4 to 10 bags.

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