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Muscle Sands is Vespucci Beach’s gym offering all you need to get ripped!

Requirements #

  • Gym Membership to use equipment

Instructions #

Gym Membership #

You will need membership before using the gym.

Gym Shop #

  1. Go to the Muscle Sands, Vespucci Beach.
  2. Walk up to the blue marker next to the door.
  3. Select the “Shop” option and press Enter.
  4. Select the item you would like to purchase using the arrow keys.
  5. Press Enter to purchase or Backspace to return.

Gym Usage #

Usage of the gym area requires a Gym Membership card.
  1. With a gym membership, approach any marker and press E to animate.
Using the gym currently does not increase any skills. This feature is in development.

Bike Hire #

  1. Go to the south-west of Muscle Sands.
  2. Stand on the blue marker and press E to hire a bike.
  3. Select an option for a bike using the arrow keys.
  4. Press Enter to make your selection.
  5. Cash will be taken off your character at the specified price and you will spawn on the bike.
You do not need to return the bike, it will be collected automatically when you disconnect.

Notes #

Locations #

  • Muscle Sands Gym: /postal 8209

Gym Shop #

The following items can be purchased from the Gym Shop.

  • Protein Shake: $6
  • Water: $1
  • Sportlunch: $2
  • Powerade: $4
  • Bandage: $50

Bikes Available #

  • BMX: $250
  • Cruiser: $300
  • Fixter: $329
  • Scorcher: $400


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