How do I get paid/salary?

There are many ways you may get paid depending on the job and activity you do.

Salary (Jobs) #

If you are unemployed, or have a salaried job, you will receive payment every 7 (real life) minutes.

Your rate of payment every 7 minutes is calculated as 7 hours.

7 Real Life Minutes = 7 GTA Hours = 7 Hours of Pay

Example: If your hourly rate is $20/hour and you’re on the server for 7 minutes, your pay check will be $140.

Salaried jobs can sometimes be used in addition to the below options.

By Item/Sales #

Some jobs and activities may require you to sell the items or goods at a specific point.

You will have to sell your item at a designated point or store to get paid.

You may also consider selling to a player.

Per Job/Task #

Some jobs & activities may pay you by completing a job or a delivery.

You’ll be given payment and notified when you complete the task.

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