How do I make money?

Unfortunately, that is not a simple question to answer. However there are a number of ways you can make money, the decision you must make is do you want to do it legally or illegally?

Legal Methods #

  • Choose one of the many jobs from the Job Centre.
  • Find a career within one of the whitelisted jobs (i.e. Police).
  • Collect bottles from recycling bins & sell them.
  • Sell items to other players.

Illegal Methods #

Illegal methods may give you dirty money which you will need to ‘clean’ in order to convert it to spendable currency.
Illegal methods while allowed within the server, may result in in-character law enforcement attention.
  • Rob a store at gunpoint.
  • Rob a jewelry store.
  • Manufacture and sell illicit substances (i.e. Weed).
  • Chop vehicles & deliver the chopped items.
  • Transport stolen vehicles of interest from the docks to their varied destinations.
  • Sell items to other players.

Special Events #

Sometimes the community may hold special events which reward money. Some of this include:

  • Easter Egg Hunt (during Easter period) – Find the Easter eggs with money in them!
  • Christmas Presents (during December) – Collect a present from the Christmas tree every day with a reward.

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