How do I show my ID/license/permit?

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The main way to show your ID/license/permit is by the interaction menu.

Instructions #

  1. Open the Interaction Menu M
  2. Navigate to Portfolio
  3. Select if you want to…
    1. Show ID card
    2. Show driving license (if you have one)
    3. Show gun license (if you have one)
  4. This will show your card on the closest player’s screen
  5. You can also choose “Look” to see what this looks like for you.
  6. Press Backspace to exit the menu
Police can also check your license or ID without you showing it. Simply hint to the officer that you do have one (i.e. “in your pocket”) and they can search for it.
You can also choose to roleplay that you do not have a license on you, and other players should respect and roleplay that.

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