How to clear your FiveM cache

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Important Note: Clearing your cache will reset your FiveM settings and downloads. You will need to relink your FiveM account. You may also experience a delay when downloading vehicles and assets.

Instructions #

  1. Exit the FiveM Application
  2. Navigate to your FiveM Application Data located at ‘Username Folder > AppData > Local > FiveM > FiveM Application Data’

    • Alternatively, Right Click on the FiveM Application shortcut, and click Open Folder Location
  3. Select and delete the caches.xml file
  4. Navigate to the cache folder
  5. Delete all folders and files EXCEPT the ‘game’ folder
  6. Relaunch FiveM and rejoin the server.
  7. You will begin downloading all the server files again. This can take some time depending on your Internet connection.
    • If first connection does not work, try reconnecting again. Do not delete your cache again.

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