Keybinds & Commands

Keybinds #

All keybinds are set to the default GTA V keybinds.
If you have made local changes, the below keys may differ to what you have set.

Controllers are not supported at this time and may conflict due to the limited number of buttons available.

General #

F1 Phone

F2 Inventory

F3 Animations Menu



F6 Job Menu (requires a job with options)

F7 Show Your Unpaid Invoices

F8 FiveM Developer Console


F10 Player List / Scoreboard

F11 Toggle Voice Radius (Whisper, Normal, Shout)

F12 … / (Default) Steam Screenshot

Y Access vehicle trunk (you must own the vehicle or be an officer)

Activities #

Golf #

Hold E Swing Power

Y Switch Club

A Rotate Left

D Rotate Right

Take Hostage (Requires Hostage) #

G Release Hostage

H Kill Hostage

Animations & Emotes #

Z Hands Up / Stop Animation

U Fall Over / Ragdoll

Voice & Radio #

Z Cycle talk radius (whisper, normal, shout)

CAPSLOCK Talk on Radio or Phone

ANY KEY Talk in voice (see below note)

To change radio channels, ‘Use‘ the item in your Inventory.

Vehicles #

General #

Toggle Left Indicator/Turn Signal

= Toggle Right Indicator/Turn Signal

BACKSPACE Toggle Hazard Lights

Hold F Keep engine running & exit vehicle

L Set speed limiter (at current speed)

EE Lock/unlock owned vehicle (must be in or or nearby)

Emergency Lighting & Sirens #

Q Toggle Emergency Lights

LEFT ALT Toggle Primary Siren

R Cycle Siren Tones (when siren activated) / Manual siren

E Manual Horn

Toggle Secondary Siren

Police Vehicles #

CTRL+M Toggle ALPR/Radar Menu

F9 Police (Pre-defined) Megaphone (only in some police vehicles)

Police Helicopter #

E  Toggle Helicam

Keyboard_White_Mouse_Right.png Cycle Camera Vision

SPACE Lock onto vehicle

Q  Toggle vehicle info display

G Toggle spotlight states

CAPS Spotlight radius increase

SHIFT Spotlight radius decrease

Y Spotlight brightness increase

Spotlight brightness decrease

X Rappel out of helicopter


Commands #

Syntax notations

italics = Anything shown in italics is variable information for which the user provides a specific value.
<brackets> = Anything shown enclosed within angle brackets is required.
[brackets] = Anything shown enclosed within square brackets is optional.
| = A vertical bar that separates two or more elements indicates that any one of the elements can be typed.
(brackets) = Additional information about the command

General #

/postal [postal number] Sets a postal waypoint to the designated postal

/postal Unsets the postal waypoint

Animations & Emotes #

/emotemenu Opens the emotes menu

/emotes View a list of all available emotes

/e help View a list of all available emotes

/e <emote name> Play a specific emote

/e c Cancel animation

/emotebind <key> <emotename> Bind an emote

/emotebinds Check your currently bound emotes

/walks View a list of all available walk styles

/walk <walk style name> Set a specific walk style

/walk reset Reset your work style

/carry Toggles carrying a nearby player over your shoulder

/piggyback Toggles piggy backing a nearby player

/takehostage Grabs nearby player as a hostage (see Take Hostage Keybinds)

/th Grabs nearby player as a hostage (see Take Hostage Keybinds)

Chat #

/me <action> Displays to other players of your character’s action or info

/anontweet <message> Sends an tweet with anonymous handle

/tweet <message> Sends a tweet with the character’s first and last name as the handle

/ad <message> Sends an anonymous advertisement

HUD / Interface #

/hudhide Hides all interfaces on the HUD

/hudshow Shows all interfaces on the HUD

/movieon Hides all interfaces on the HUD and applies black movie style bars

/movieon Shows all interfaces on the HUD and removes black movie style bars

/screentodiscord Takes a screenshot and uploads to our Discord’s media channel

Live PD Interface #

/livepd Toggles the Live PD HUD

/livepdacro <text> Rename’s Live PD

/livepddept <text> Set’s the department text on the Live PD HUD

/livepdname <text> Set’s the officer’s name on the Live PD HUD

Items #

/bmic Toggles boom microphone item

/mic Toggles news anchor microphone item

/cam Toggles camera item which has two camera moves

/mcard Shows Miranda Rights Card (Press E to close)

/vcard Shows Vital Signs Card (Press E to close)

Job Commands #

For specific job commands, please see the appropriate job guide.

Location Specific #


Vehicles #

/trunk Opens the vehicle’s trunk

/hood Opens the vehicle’s hood

/shuff Shuffles to the driver’s seat (from passenger seat)

Administrator Commands #

/admin Shows what admin level you are and what group you’re in

/car <vehicle name> Spawns the specified vehicle

/cardel Deletes the vehicle the player is looking at

/dv Deletes the vehicle the player is looking at

/tpwaypoint Teleports the player to their set waypoint

/openinventory <Player ID> Opens a player’s inventory

/noclip Toggles noclipping for the player.

Weather & Time Manipulation #

/blackout Toggles all light sources in the world

/SetZoneWeather <WEATHER> Sets the weather for the player’s zone

/time <hour> <minutes> Sets the time for all players

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