This Handbook will guide you through the basics of your new job as a Lumberjack. #

You are tasked with the pick up, processing and transport of quality Hardwood.

Step One: Commute #

Your first duty is to clock in and get dressed for the job – For this, head to Lumber Depot in Murrieta Heights, El Rancho Blvd. Postals 9324 through 9330.

This can be made easy by locking Your GPS to “Lumberjack’s Locker Room”

Should you encounter issues with Your GPS or not have one, see the map to the below.

Once You arrive at the Depot, clock in by changing into Your workwear, this will be marked with a yellow circle.


Step Two: Retrieving Your Truck #

Once You are clocked in, it is time to retrieve Your delivery vehicle, in this case a semi-truck and trailer. Make sure You are in possession of the necessary driving permits, if You are not, they can be obtained at the Driving School.

Head to the garage to Your right, again marked with a yellow circle, this is where You will be assigned the Company vehicle You will be driving.

Note: A security deposit of $2000 will be taken in exchange for Your vehicle.


Step Three: Heading to the Lumber Yard #

As soon as You are accompanied with Your vehicle, open Your GPS and plot a route to the Lumber Yard near Paleto Bay, Postal 1082.

This will be Your pickup destination.
Note: The GPS will plot the shortest route, unfortunately, this route is hardly fitting for Your vehicle. We suggest heading north-bound on El Rancho Blvd. and taking a left turn onto San Andreas Avenue to take the on-ramp onto Del Perro Freeway. From there on just follow Del Perro Freeway onto Great Ocean Highway al the way up to Paleto Bay. This is the most convenient, easiest and fastest Route to take.


Step Four: Loading Your Truck #

Upon arrival at the Lumber Yard, park Your truck in a convenient spot.

Get out of the truck and head towards the Sawmill building.

Head to the north-side of the premise, near the pile of logs, here You will retrieve the wood to be processed. This and the following stops will be marked with the yellow circles You are already familiar with.

Inside the circle, You retrieve as much wood as You can manage.

Once You are loaded with wood, head along the west side of the saw mill until You come across the wooden ramp, walk up it and into the mill.

Once inside, head to Your left-hand-side to cut all the wood You are carrying.

Next, turn back around to face the exit, looking past it You will notice a catwalk heading up and to the left, follow that, If You see piles of processed lumber, You are in the correct location to retrieve the finished wooden boards in bundles.

Once You’re done processing everything, return to Your vehicle.


Step Five: Delivery #

This step is fairly easy: Take your loaded truck back to the SA Hardwood CO. Depot in Murrieta Heights. We recommend taking the same freeway-route we highlighted above. For the exact location, set Your GPS to “Delivery point”.

Park Your truck in the designated area to unload Your cargo.

Upon delivery, You can decide whether You wish to pick up and deliver another Load of Bundled Wood, or end Your shift and clock out.


If You decide to clock out, make sure to return Your truck to receive Your security deposit back, this is marked with a RED circle on the very north side of the Depot premises (Any repairs necessary will be paid with Your deposit, so drive safely) and change back into Your civilian wear.


For any further questions or concerns, contact SO Hardwood CO. directly.

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