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Husky’s Network offers roleplay in Grand Theft Auto: V using the FiveM modification. We encourage storylines with the primary focus being on character development.

Our goal is to be able to maintain our development, server, website & licensing costs through community funding and donations each month. We offer tiers as a way to offer a thank you for your donation.

No profit is gained from donations towards our community. Any excess donations towards the community will be rolled into the following month’s expenses.

Tiers #

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Rewards #

Each reward is given per month as long as the Patreon continues & counts are reset at the start of every month.

Queue Priority #

Hate waiting in queue? Get higher priority and jump the line with queue priority.

Exclusive Discord Role #

An exclusive Discord role and colour to match your awesomeness! Great for bragging rights!

Exclusive Discord Channels #

Join other Patreons and awesome people like you in exclusive Discord channels.

Fast Track Whitelist Application #

Get your whitelist application pushed up to the top of the pile and get guidance on how to fix your application if there’s any issues.

Vinewood Walk of Fame #

Brag in character about your special-ness with your own Vinewood Walk of Fame hovertext.

NPC Model Access #

Sometimes you just want to have the hard work done for you. Get exclusive access to all the free mode player models.

Custom License Plate Requests #

Make yourself stand out with a custom license plate, whether for personal or business: NEED4SP is acceptable.

Custom Phone Number Requests #

Change your phone number to an easy to remember number, drive up business, make it easier to contact you!

Twitch Announcements #

Take advantage of our Discord players and let them know you’re streaming! Increase your viewers and followers when you stream on Twitch!

Beta Testing Access #

Get exclusive access to our beta testing server to try new features before they’re released to the public. Your feedback will shape the future!

Server Introduction Credits #

Ever wanted to be on the intro credits of GTA V? Well.. this is the next best thing, get mentioned and your name pushed in front of everyone when they join the server to see that you helped shape the community!

Custom House & Interior Requests #

Sometimes you can’t find the right home and interior to match. Let us work with you to find your dream location and interior.

In-Game Vault #

Store your prized possessions in a state of the art vault, making it harder for people to rob your hard earned goods and the police to raid you!

Invited to Development Discussions #

Open access to our Development discussions both text and voice channels for when we’re discussing the future of the server changes and code, help impact the decisions.

Invited to Management Discussions #

Open access to our Development discussions both text and voice channels for when we’re discussing the future of the community, help impact the decisions.

Custom Code Implementation #

Have the ability to make a custom request, have it prioritised placed within the server. Note: This must be able to be completed by one developer and within a month.

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