Vehicle Dealer

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Introduction #

The vehicle dealer job gives players the ability to purchase vehicles at a discounted rate and also to sell vehicles at their designated dealership.

Individual dealer jobs are coming soon, currently all dealers work under the same job.

Locations #

  • Premium Deluxe Motorsport, Pillbox Hill: /postal 9167
  • Sanders Motorcycles, Pillbox Hill: /postal 8175
  • Mosley’s, Strawberry: /postal 9192
  • Larry’s RV Sales, Grandd Senora Desert: /postal 4024

Job Grades #

  • This job has no pay grades.

Job Functions #

Car Dealer Discount #

As a vehicle dealer, when you visit the normal car dealer, you will receive a discount when purchasing the vehicle.

Your dealer price will be displayed in orange, while the retail price will be displayed in green.

Selling Vehicles #

As a vehicle dealer, you can sell vehicles (modifications included). Only vehicle dealers can sell vehicles, however anyone can purchase them.

  1. Visit the vehicle dealership you wish sell your vehicle at
  2. Drive into the hover text and press E to bring up the sale menu
  3. Set the price you wish to sell the vehicle for
    • When a player purchases a vehicle, you will receive this amount in full
  4. Confirm the price is correct, and then select Sell Vehicle by pressing Enter
  5. The vehicle will now appear out on the lot

To remove a vehicle from sale:

  1. Enter the vehicle you wish to remove from sale
  2. Press E to buy the vehicle
  3. Buy the vehicle, this will not charge you if you own the vehicle.
  4. The vehicle is now yours again.

Additional Keybinds #

  • This job does not have any additional keybinds

Additional Commands #

  • This job does not have any additional commands.

Notes #

  • This job does not have any additional notes.

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