Illegal Imports (Vehicle Theft) [Deprecated]

This feature has been deprecated and is no longer implemented. Please check out it’s replacement: Car Thief Thug. This guide will be taken down eventually and is currently available for archive purposes.

The illegal import (vehicle theft) activity allows you to take a sought after vehicle from Point A to Point B.

The client and reason for the vehicle is and remains unknown, these vehicles have been in the dark for some time and their owners have tracking installed in them. When the delivery begins, the vehicle tracking is reactivated and police notified, so act quickly!

This is an illegal activity and will alert law enforcement. Law enforcement will be able to track your vehicle the entire duration. Be careful!

Requirements #

  • At least 1 police officer online.
  • 2 hour cooldown.

Instructions #

  1. Go to the “Illegal Vehicle Import” blip on the map.
  2. Walk into the marker in the garage and Press E
  3. You will be given a random vehicle which must be delivered for a reward.
    • There is no time limit.
    • If you get out of the vehicle, you will have 1 minute to get back into it.
  4. Follow the yellow way point to the destination.
  5. Drive into the destination marker and press E to drop off the car.
  6. You will be rewarded dirty money a successful drop off based on the distance, not the vehicle.

Notes #

Possible Vehicles #

  • Albany Fränken Stange
  • Albany Roosevelt
  • Albany Roosevelt Valor
  • BF Bifta
  • BF Space Docker
  • Bravado Banshee 900R
  • Brute Boxville (Go Postal)
  • Brute Boxville (Humane Labs)
  • Brute Taco Van
  • Brute Trashmaster
  • Cheval Marshall
  • Coil Brawler
  • Coil Cyclone
  • Coil Raiden
  • Declassee Burrito (Bugstars)
  • Dewbauchee Seven-70
  • Dewbauchee Specter
  • Dewbauchee Vagner
  • Dodge Charger (State Police)
  • Dundreary Virgo
  • Dundreary Virgo Classic
  • Dundreary Virgo Classic Custom
  • Emperor ETR1
  • Ford Explorer (Highway Patrol)
  • Grotti Turismo R
  • Hijak Ruston
  • HVY Docktug
  • HVY Insurgent
  • Imponte Duke O’Death
  • Imponte Nightshade
  • Itali GTB
  • Karin Sultan RS
  • Karin Technical
  • Monster Truck
  • Ocelot XA-21
  • Pegassi Faggio
  • Pegassi Osiris
  • Pegassi Reaper
  • Pegassi Tempesta
  • Pegassi Zentorno
  • Pfister 811
  • Pfister Comet SR
  • Pfister Neon
  • Police Cruiser
  • Progen GP1
  • Progen T20
  • Shitzu Hakuchou Drag
  • Stanley Tractor
  • Truffade Nero
  • Vapid Desert Raid
  • Vapid Speedo (Clown Car)
  • Vapid Towtruck (Large)
  • Vapid Towtruck (Small)
  • Vapid Trophy Truck
  • Western Motorcycle Company Cliffhanger
  • Western Motorcycle Company Daemon
  • Western Motorcycle Company Nightblade i
  • Western Motorcycle Company Sovereign
  • Western Motorcycle Company Wolfsbane
  • Western Motorcycle Company Zombie Bobber
  • Western Motorcycle Company ZombieChopper
  • Överflöd Entity XF
  • Übermacht SC1

Pay Table #

  • Sandy Shores Airfield: $4,610 dirty money
  • Lighthouse: $4,805 dirty money
  • Paleto Bay: $6,470 dirty money
  • Great Ocean Highway: $5,270 dirty money
  • Marina Drive: $4,075 dirty money

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