The Launder Lady is a unique mission which allows you to launder available money in the system to convert it to clean bills by visiting a drop off point.

Requirements #

  • At least $1,000 marked bills / dirty money / black money
  • Available capital on the server

Instructions #

  1. Go to the “Launder Lady” on the map.
  2. Walk into the marker and press E to talk to the Launder Lady.
  3. You will be asked how much you want to swap & drop off:
    • Small: $1,000
    • Medium: $2,000
    • Big: $6,000
    • NOTE: You can see the available capital within the server.
  4. Select with the and , press ENTER to accept the mission.
  5. Head to the marked GPS on your map to the drop off.
  6. Enter the drop off marker until you see the prompt.
  7. Press E to drop off & make the exchange.
  8. You will receive 3/4 in clean money, and the other 1/4 will be taken as payment for the exchange.

Notes #

Capital #

Capital is defined as the amount of available money the Launder Lady has to swap with you. This regenerates over time, and the Launder Lady may let you know that it’s too risky right now.

TIP: This is only one way to swap marked bills for clean money. There are other ways you can convert money.

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