Los Santos Customs Mechanic

Introduction #

The mechanic job is an important one which can provide mechanical services to vehicles including towing capabilities & vehicle repairs.

Locations #

  • Los Santos Customs, Burton: /postal 7231

Additional Keybinds #

F6 Job Menu

  • Billing – Send an invoice with an amount to the nearest player.
  • Hijack – Unlocks a nearby vehicle
  • Repair – Repairs a nearby vehicle
  • Clean – Cleans a nearby vehicle
  • Impound – Impounds a nearby vehicle
  • Flatbed – Attaches a nearby vehicle to a nearby flatbed truck.
  • Place Objects – Menu for placing objects
    • Roadcone
    • Toolbox

Additional Commands #

  • This job does not have any additional commands.

Notes #

  • No notes noted.

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