Properties can be purchased around San Andreas which can range from apartments to houses.

Requirements #

  • Enough money to either purchase or rent the property.

Instructions #

Purchasing or Renting A New Property #

  1. Drive to a marked property on the map. Property for sale/rent is identified with a radar_garage_for_sale marker while already bought/rented property is identified by a radar_garage marker.
  2. Walk into the Blue ground marker in front of the door to the property.
  3. Press E to access the options menu for the property.
  4. Select either to purchase or rent the property.
    1. Purchasing a property will require you to pay a full price up front.
    2. Renting will require you to pay on the property monthly (in-game months).
  5. You will receive a prompt once you successfully buy or rent.

Entering Your Property #

  1. Once you own a property, leave the ground marker then re-enter it. A new options menu will appear, letting you to select either to enter the property.

Leaving Your Property #

  1. Once in a home, you can leave it by going to the front door, into the Blue ground circle and press E when prompted to leave.

Selling or Un-renting Your Property #

  1. If you had bought the property, you will have the option to sell it at 50% of its sale price.
  2. If you rented the property, you will have an option to move out, receiving no funds in return.

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