Quick Start Guide

On this page you’ll find information about the server to help get you started.

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Purchase GTA V #

You will need a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto: V for PC in order to play. A Google Search will help with this.

Download FiveM #

If you’re completely new to FiveM, you’ll need to download the FiveM client. You can get this from https://fivem.net and selecting Download client.

Connecting to LSRP #

Once you have downloaded the FiveM client, you’ll need to connect to our server. There are a few ways you can connect.

  1. Quick Connect: Simply click here to quick connect.
  2. Direct Connect: Open FiveM, and press F8 to bring up the console, then type au1.huskys.network
  3. Server List: Open FiveM, click on Servers and search for ‘Aussie Roleplay‘, click on Husky’s Aussie Roleplay, add us to your favorites and then click Connect.

It may take some time to connect to the server while it downloads our custom content.

Creating Your Character #

Once you’re connected, you’ll be given a choice of your character to create or choose. Your character is who you will play as within the world. Don’t worry if you’re not happy with your first character, you can create a new one later!

Support #

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