Server Rules (Very Simplified)

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This list is given as a “quick refresh” of the rules, it’s quick, dirty and pretty ugly. We really recommend you read the full Server Rules for descriptions, examples and context on the rules.

Important! This list is given as is, we take no responsibility in the accuracy of this simplified list and will never refer to it when enforcing the rules. This list does not excuse you from reading and understanding the full Server Rules list.
The numbers in this list do not line up with anything and are given as a guide.

General Rules #

  1. You must be 18+
  2. No toxicity and bullying
  3. No derogatory remarks (IC & OOC)
  4. Do not contact developers directly
  5. Do not scam (IC & OOC)
  6. Do not AFK publicly
  7. Do not external advertise
  8. Report bugs
  9. Do not exploit
  10. Do not impersonate anyone
  11. No inappropriate or illegal content
  12. Only use approved third-party programs within the community, for the community
  13. Follow Twitch Terms of Service

Roleplay Rules #

  1. Always roleplay
    1. Never break character
    2. Never break character for stupid/weird/lag things
    3. Only admins can void a scene
  2. Provide Quality Roleplay
    1. Value your life like you only have one
  3. No Metagaming
  4. No Powergaming
    1. Special/powerful characters require approval
    2. Use vehicles as designed (i.e. No off-roading a sports car)
  5. No Deathmatching
    1. You need a reason for conflict & shooting
  6. Player kills don’t kill your character, but you will have amnesia and injuries.
    1. New Life Rule – don’t go back after dying, you forget the events leading up to it unless
  7. Character Lills/Permadeath must be made obvious and roleplayed accordingly
  8. Extreme or disgusting roleplay is moderated
    1. Consent is required for: Torture, Cannibalism
    2. Strictly prohibited is: Rape, Bestiality, Erotic or Sexual Roleplay, Sexual Harassment
  9. Interaction Guidelines
    1. Medical/EMS Interactions: Wait for help to arrive, roleplay your injuries, provide good roleplay, use /me
    2. Law Enforcement Interactions: Be professional, respectful, provide good roleplay, use /me
    3. Recording and photos: May be done using emotes, not through walls, and police cameras are expected, CCTV exists, recommended to take screenshots and videos
  10. Criminal Guidelines: Consider build up & pacing, heat and law enforcement, criminal hierarchy, and conflict/cooperation.
  11. Do not log to avoid roleplay
    1. You must wait 30 minutes prior to logging off if you committed a criminal activity where Law Enforcement can be involved
  12. Do not share info or items between characters, period.
  13. Always act there is a law enforcement presence, even if there isn’t.
  14. Baiting cops to draw them away from a major crime is forbidden.
  15. The environment is San Andreas, treat as a realistic state, expect it to behave as one.
  16. Emote (/me) your actions for roleplay.
  17. Any issues in character, finish the roleplay like an adult, then follow it up with an admin.


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