Most stores with an attendant/clerk can be robbed at gun point, this includes gas stations, convenience stores, clothing and gun stores.

This is an illegal activity and will alert law enforcement. Be careful!

Requirements #

  • A gun

Instructions #

  1. Find any “Shop” on the map labeled with the shopping cart.
  2. Point your gun at the clerk to begin the robbery.
  3. The clerk will go into fear before drawing money.
    • At this point, a silent alarm will be triggered notifying online law enforcement.
  4. The clerk will begin to grab money from the cash register before throwing it on the ground.
  5. Collect the bag of cash dropped on the ground.
  6. Flee & leave the area.

Notes #

Tips #

  • Cash registers do not hold much cash and will only reward small amounts, as per pay table.
  • A mask is highly recommended to conceal your identity as your image will be visible to police responding.
  • Each store has an individual cooldown of 2 hours while they restock.
  • There is no set minimum law enforcement to rob a shop.
  • Even clothing stores can be robbed.

Pay Table #

  • Bag of Cash: $300 – $1000

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