The tuner laptop is a special item which can be used by mechanics to alter the performance of vehicles.

Custom vehicles are currently not supported and adjusting them may result in worse off performance.

Requirements #

  • Tuner Laptop Item (given by an Admin)

Instructions #

Modifying vehicle’s performance may impact the vehicle. Once you have reflashed an ECU, there is no way to get the default vehicle’s values back. Be careful!
  1. Sit in the vehicle you wish to modify
  2. Open your character’s inventory
  3. Drag the tuner laptop onto the Use button
  4. The laptop will open up for tuning options.
  5. Set the values you wish to modify:
    1. Rev timing, ignition timing, exhaust release & fuel mixing: is a code, will adjust the performance & top speed.
    2. Other values will adjust as per their title.
  6. Click ‘Reflash’ to save the values, the laptop will inform you of the detected performance.
  7. Click ‘Default’ to reset the values of the laptop. This will not reset to the default performance of the vehicle.

Tuning Options #

  • Rev Timing (Slower-Faster)*
  • Ignition Timing (Slower-Faster)*
  • Exhaust Release (Normal-High)*
  • Fuel Mixing (Normal-High)*
  • Gear Change (Normal-Fast)
  • Braking (Rear-Front)
  • Drive Train (Rear-Front)
  • Break Strength (Weak-Strong)

Balancing (*) #

Some parts of the tuning laptop to increase performance is a fine art (minigame) in which you must be able to find the perfect balance.

Rev timing, ignition timing, exhaust release & fuel mixing must be centered at a “sweet spot” in order to maximize performance.

Finding the right balance for your set vehicle will modify the performance of the car by these categories:

  • Worse – Poor – Average – Good – Excellent

Each vehicle has it’s own set balance, so once you find the balance for one vehicle, you should note down the sliders for that vehicle.

These values are not made public, and should be recorded by the player once found the perfect balance.

Why? This is to give mechanics and car enthusiasts the advantage and a minigame of sorts to find the right balance, as they would in real life. Making mechanics more important to get these values or ‘trade secrets’.

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