What’s the benefit of buying a house?

The benefit of buying a house? – It’s a great alternative to avoid rental payments that can add up over time.


Aside from the literal benefit, there’s a number of other advantages to having your own four walls, whether you buy them outright, or rent them.


For one, every house or apartment comes with a wardrobe for you to save and change outfits with.

Secondly, you can store items at your house or appartment, too, if you don’t want to carry it around with you for example.

You get to have an actual address! No more awkward change of topic needed whenever you’re asked where you live.

You can have as many people in your apartment or house as you wish, have parties or just a private place to do business at, whether that might be legit or of questionable nature.

It’s incredibly simple! Just head to a house or appartment of your choice and rent or purchase the property, it takes no less than a minute or two.


There’s a multitude of different appartments or houses spread across the island, you’re free to pick the one that suits you the best and rent or purchase at your will.





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