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What does Los Santos Roleplay offer?

Careers & Jobs

Get a job or start your own business, with over 10 pre-made jobs giving you unlimited possibilities.


Looking for other things to do? Many visible and hidden activities added every month, both legal and illegal to keep you exploring.

Enhanced Locations

Customised maps, added interiors and lots more to enhance locations and immersion.

Imported Vehicles

Custom vehicles providing another avenue of roleplay, immersion and experience.


Specialty events throughout the year as well as recurring events like car meets will keep you busy.

Stable + Optimized

Each component is optimised to ensure maximum FPS, little texture loss and an overall great experience.

Respectful Community

We only have friendly players in our community, and a no bullshit approach to drama. We don’t want it.

Community Driven Development

We’re built upon your ideas, suggestions and feedback, after all it’s your community too!

Latest Stable FiveM

We’re at the forefront updates and innovation to offer new features to the community.

And so much more…
All awaiting you and the whole family.

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What do I need to play Los Santos Roleplay?

Joining Los Santos Roleplay is free however you need to have both the FiveM Client & a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V installed.

If you need help joining the server, get in touch with us and we’ll help get you started!

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